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New since the end of October 2004 - finally finished!
Here is the exclusive travel report of our trip to Canada. A round travel which started at the end of August 2003 in Vancouver and took us through Kamloops, Banff and Jasper and then back to Vancouver Island. The crowning glory was the 1 week spent in the city of Vancouver and the 4 days at the GateCon 2003 - the ultimative Stargate-Convention.
Have fun viewing our travel diary!

Vancouver Arrival (BC) - english version   Banff (Alberta) - english version
23rd August, 2003 Vancouver Ankunft (BC) - deutsche Version   24th - 27th August, 2003 Banff (Alberta) - deutsche Version
Jasper (Alberta) - english version   Vancouver Island (BC) - english version
28th - 31st August, 2003 Jasper (Alberta) - deutsche Version   1st - 4th September, 2003 Vancouver Island (BC) - deutsche Version
Vancouver (BC) Part1 - english version   Vancouver (BC) Part2 - english version
5th - 7th September, 2003 Vancouver (BC) Teil1 - deutsche Version   8th - 11st September, 2003 Vancouver (BC) Teil2 - deutsche Version

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