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8th September, 2003 - Vancouver 2003 - 4th day - The day of the city
At the wish of an individual guest we use the car to drive to the (old) house in which Corinna has lived during her time in Vancouver. After this point, which is in the immediate vicinity of the city, we took a Line 15 bus for the last meters into the middle of the city. Our first stop was the Vancouver Art Gallery, a Location of Stargate Series 2-09, "Secrets" and some other episodes in the later series. I can only say: they must be joking with "Washington"! Furthermore, at the foot of the Art Gallery there is a cafe, the Bailiff, also a Stargate location for the Series 3-14, "Foothold". After that we decided that the moment was right to take our memorial trip with Canadian muffins. This meant a tour with the sea bus to the Lonsdale Quay and back again and on the way back we have to eat an original Lonsdale Quay muffin. Mmm, tasty! The Canadian muffins are unsurpassed.
After our return we went to Stanley Park. This year we here were early enough here to use the stopping bus which every tourist can use as free transportation in the park. We took the bus up to the bridge in front of the Lions Gate. After a short stop for a photo we took our chance to drive through the rest of the park with the stopping bus again. Our next station was Gas Town. Here we met our first Stargate fan. The Stargate Convention was to start on the following weekend. At 5 p.m. we took the lift in the Harbor Tower to the plateau with the restaurant. We wanted to have our evening meal there. In 1 hour the restaurant turns 360° around its axis and we had finished our food. Our last excursion brought us back to the Plaza of Nations - a Stargate location for Series 2-10 "Bane" and Series 4-16 " 2010 " and one of the best points of a nice and impressive view of the Vancouver skyline.
Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 010 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 011
Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 012 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 013 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 014 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 015 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 016 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 017 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 018 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 019 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 020 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 021 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 022
Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 023 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 024 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 025 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 026 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 027 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 028 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 029 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 030 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 031 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 032 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 033
Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 034 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 035 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 036 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 037 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 038 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 039 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 040 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 041 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 042 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 043 Vancouver 0908 Vorschau 044

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9th September, 2003 - Vancouver - 5th day - the 2nd day of locations
In the morning we wanted to go to Coquitlam. There we wanted to find this Fire Department in which the Series 6-10, "Changeling", was produced. As a fire engine passed us where we were standing directly in front of the department I could see a smirk in the faces of the fire fighter. Probably we were not the first Stargate Fans who had come to this location for a photo shooting. Funny! Our trip took us further to the River View Mental Hospital. Here it was a unused wing which had provided a perfect location for the Series 5-11, "Desperate Measures". Because the weather was a little bit better than the day before we decided to go to the Van Dusen Garden again. After a short stop for a cup of coffee we continued our way to the Anthropological Gallery near the University of British Columbia. In the evening we went back to the city of Vancouver to a photo shooting of the nocturnal skyline.
Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 010 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 011
Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 012 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 013 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 014 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 015 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 016 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 017 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 018 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 019 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 020 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 021 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 022
Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 023 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 024 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 025 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 026 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 027 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 028 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 029 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 030 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 031 Vancouver 0909 Vorschau 032

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10th September, 2003 - Vancouver - 6th day
The weather got very bad on this day. But we thought that was a good condition to make a new attempt to visit the Lighthouse Park. So we thought. Unfortunately the park was again or better still closed because of the fire hazard. Pity! We drove back to the hotel and decided to spend a comfortable day in our room, when, as if on command, the busses of the GateCon Studio tour came around the corner. We pulled back the curtains and had an entertaining show watching the crazy Stargate Fans at the fence of the studio in the pouring rain. In the evening we drove to Sekh´s Party. First we had to pick up a guest give her a ride. As thanks she offered us an exclusive view of a hidden location of the very new Series 7. After that we went to the party. It was a long way across the city to the other side of Vancouver with our first traffic jam.
Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0910 Vorschau 007

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11st September, 2003 - Vancouver - 7th day
After a short walk in the area round of the Accent Inns, the Bridge Studio and the Earls, by the way a restaurant in which R.D.A. ate lunch on many occasions, it was time to say goodbye to the Accent Inns. We had packed our clothes and drove to the Richmond Inn, the location for the following events of the GateCon. Unfortunately Susanne wasn´t able to stay in Vancouver as long as me. After we brought my bag to the room in this hotel we went to lunch to Susanne´s favorite Chinese restaurant in this street. We ate a "nostalgic" chicken in lemon sauce and after we got our first ticket because false parking we went to the airport. Here we returned our rental car, which was a very smooth matter, and then the time came to say goodbye to Susanne. With aching hearts we had to say goodbye after these very nice 3 weeks in British Columbia and Alberta. I was able to drive back to the Richmond Inn with the bus of the GateCon hotel.
Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0911 Vorschau 010

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