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05st September 2003 - 1st day - Grouse Mountain Tour
First we got a good ferry from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay, back to the Vancouver mainland. Because this region wasn´t new for us, we wanted to go to Lighthouse Park first. On the way to this park we drove past the house of Amanda Tapping. Unfortunately, Lighthouse Park was closed because of the danger of fire. Susanne was very sad about that. Also, a later attempt to visit this park was unsuccessful. Without having achieved anything we drove again, this time heading for Grouse Mountain. Our last visit to this location (2 years ago) had been shrouded in mist. But today it was really glorious weather for a drive. During the drive we had a really nice view across my lovely city Vancouver. On the mountain we visited the enclosure for the grizzlies and were impressed by the bird show. The weather was so great that we could see Mount Rainier in the USA. On the way back we arrived at cleveland dam (Location: "Beyond Betrayal") and than drove to Lynn Canyon Bridge. This is the MacGyver-Location which we hadn´t been able to find 2 years ago, because the weather had been so bad, rainy and cold. Eventually we drove to the Accent Inns to the check-in. After the evening meal in the restaurant of the hotel we went to the shop for a little shopping in the "Save on food".
Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 010
Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 011 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 012 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 013 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 014 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 015 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 016 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 017 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 018 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 019 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 020
Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 021 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 022 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 023 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 024 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 025 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 026 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 027 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 028 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 029 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 030 Vancouver 0905 Vorschau 031

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06th September 2003 - Vancouver - 2nd day - Day of locations
This day was proclaimed Stargate Locations Day. First we visited the Fantasy Garden - Location for Stargate Series 7-05, "Revision". After that we drove to Steveston (a small fishing village) - Location for Stargate Series 6-05, "Nightwalkers". On the way back we past a nice Buddhist temple. Here we met with our positive contact for this day. (By the way, every day we looked for a positive contact and we found one and more every day!) Our contact for this day was really an original Highlander. He told us that he had come for a short visit of 3 weeks to Vancouver. That was 33 years ago and now he had been living here for more than 30 years. He told us something about the water of wisdom in the Buddhist temple. We droped a little bit of this water on our foreheads. We will see, if we become anymore intelligent in the near future. He couldn´t tell us, if it had been helpful for him. ;))
After that we went to the Cambie shopping center and had a shopping expedition, at least as far as it am be called "shopping" when i am along. After that we visited the Queen Elisabeth Park. From here you have a very nice view cross Vancouver and also you can take a short side-trip to the Bloedel Conservatory, both are locations of Stargate Series 2-04, "Gamekeeper". After that it began to rain and we had to hurry up to find Hicroft Mention (House in " 48 Hours " and also in "Harsesis").
Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 010 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 011
Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 012 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 013 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 014 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 015 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 016 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 017 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 018 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 019 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 020 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 021 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 022
Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 023 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 024 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 025 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 026 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 027 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 028 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 029 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 030 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 031 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 032 Vancouver 0906 Vorschau 033

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7th September 2003 - Vancouver - 3rd day - Shakespeare and sunset
After an additional visit to a Startgate location - Jericho Beach ("Fire and Water") we started our Culture Day. We wanted to go to the theatre. Every summer in Vancouver there´s an event called "Bard on the Beach". This year they had Shakespeare on the program, "The Merchant of Venice". It was great. That is an experience that everybody should have, even if they are able to understand only a little bit of the English language. What an experience. Thank you Susanne for this unexpected surprise!
After that we went to Granville Island. Ok, you can find Anderson Road here, but that´s the only thing there which could make a nature-lover like me happy. Granville Island is a shopping city under a bridge. Admittedly it is an architecturally interesting place. But for me there were too many people. After that (for me) very stressful excursion we went back to the Kitsilano Beach. On this were we had decided to wait on the sunset. And we had luck, it was a great sunset. We got our reward.
Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 001 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 002 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 003 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 004 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 005 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 006 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 007 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 008 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 009 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 010
Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 011 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 012 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 013 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 014 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 015 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 016 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 017 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 018 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 019 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 020
Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 021 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 022 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 023 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 024 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 025 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 026 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 027 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 028 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 029 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 030
Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 031 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 032 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 033 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 034 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 035 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 036 Vancouver 0907 Vorschau 037

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