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24th August 2003 - Departure from Vancouver to Squilax (Banff)
The next morning we left in the direction of Banff. On the way we took a nostalgic break in Hope (Location Rambo I). Then we continued in the direction of Kamloops. The air kept getting thicker because of a forest fire. Kamloops was shrouded in mist and we were actually quite glad that our reservation at the hotel there hadn't worked out. So we went on in the direction of Squilax. Afterwards we took a sightseeing tour and a canoeing tour.
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25th Ausgust 2003 - Departure from Squilax to Golden (Banff)
After a short morning walk along the lake in Squilax we started our journey in the direction of Golden. First we took a short break in Salmon Arm (Corn Maze). In Revelstoke the fog of the forest fire was thicker again. That´s why we had no chance to follow our plan to hike on Mount Revelstoke. The walking path on the mountain was closed because the danger of fire being too great. After a short photo stop in Revelstoke and a visit to the railway museum, whether we liked it or not we had to continued by car to Golden without having achieved anything. On the way to Glacier National Park, the Cabbage Boardwalk was also closed, this time because of a mother bear and her cubs there in the forest. This gave us a little more time in Golden, so that we could visit the Wolfcamp near Golden. And that was a really impressive experience.
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Information of the Wolfcamp you can find here:
Wolfcamp informationWolfcamp InformationenWolfcamp InformationenWolfcamp InformationenWolfcamp InformationenWolfcamp Informationen

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26th August 2003 - Excursion up to Golden to Sunshine Village (Banff) and Banff (City)
A very particular day dawned. In my opinion it was to be the most beautiful day of our travels. We started this day following in the footsteps of MacGyver beginning, how could it be otherwise, with MacGyverism (a cup of coffee with an insulating wrap). It was raining a little bit, but even on the way to Sunshine Village the sun came out. It was immediately apparent to us where this place got its name. After a bizarre and risky ride in an old yellow schoolbus to the high plateau (and by the way the favorite skiing area of RDA) we were greeted by untouched nature. We took a fantastic walk and hiked across the plateau, past Rock Eye Lake and Grizzly Lake in the direction of Simpsons Viewpoint and back. During the walk across the plateau and at many places we had the feeling that a bear might come round the corner any second. That excursion took a little bit longer than we had expected and we hadn´t planned on this delay, but the best laid-plans of mice and men ... But it was ok, because Sunshine Village is great. Silence, fresh air and, I said before, untouched nature (raptures!!!). After that and after the risky ride downhill with the last yellow schoolbus once again, we drove to Banff and then to watch the sun set on Minnewanka Lake. Oh wow, that was a great day. Susanne was also enraptured.
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27th August 2003 - Excursion up to Golden to Lake Louise (Banff)
Our first day in rain - Lake Louise - Morane Lake - Takakaw Falls - Emerald Lake - Natural Bridge. Got wet 5 times but we didn´t give up. Hoped the weather would get better the next day. In the evening we went to our last dinner in Golden in the Sawmill. That´s really a good place for tasty and good value dining. Our tip!
Banff 0827 preview 001 Banff 0827 preview 002 Banff 0827 preview 003 Banff 0827 preview 004 Banff 0827 preview 005 Banff 0827 preview 006 Banff 0827 preview 007 Banff 0827 preview 008 Banff 0827 preview 009 Banff 0827 preview 010
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